The GEOmii Platform helps cities help citizens

GEOmii provides cities with the information they need to make better decisions, save time and help their local communities


GEOmii has partnered with leading technology innovators, retailers and local government to invest over £2m in a unique, scalable, cloud-based GEOmii Platform.

The GEOmii Platform is able to link to data from other Ethos systems to create city-wide, integrated tools that form the basis of a truly future city.

By intelligently managing and analysing the ever-growing quantities of data generated by cities, and linking it to other sources and historical data, we are able to establish patterns and make predictions that ease daily life in cities and form the basis for better future planning.

GEOmii has partnered with leading technology providers, academia, retailers, local government, innovators and domain specialists to invest over £2m in a system and related processes that, together, make up a unique, scalable and cloud based GEOmii Platform.

The Platform

Data input:

The GEOmii Platform utilises Linked Data to integrate information supplied through a range of inputs. Advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensors, cameras, GPS and traffic detection devices are used to anonymously track movement and the flow of cars and pedestrians. Feeds are taken from open and proprietary data sources. Additional data can be crowdsourced and fed into the system to help the wider community.

Data manipulators:

Once the data is encrypted and anonymised, it is passed through a number of processes that clean and analyse the data.

Prediction Analysis:

The GEOmii Platform contains a powerful prediction analysis system that integrates historic and future data to predict possible outcomes and score them for likelihood. As we target only a few applications, this Prediction Analysis Engine is unique and learns over time how to improve its results with high reliability.

Behaviour Analysis:

GEOmii has begun to develop a platform to take the data analysis done by the previous stages and build a city scale behaviour map.

Ethos Matcher:

GEOmii is developing a system to integrate Ethos Matcher, which takes permitted consumer data, encrypted but identifiable, and matches it to other data, eg from retailers or local authorities, to provide offers or messaging that may prove to be beneficial to the individual. This is the only process within the architecture where the GEOmii Privacy Compliance will allow personally identifiable data to be used and only when it has received explicit consumer instruction.

Solution modules:

The GEOmii Platform contains a number of modules that analyse data and calculate the specific outputs required for each service such as parking or retail.

Presentation Layer:

Data is output through to a number of different presentation layers that communicate with a user's device. No user identifiable data is sent through a Presentation layer unless the user has opted into receiving it and it has been allowed by the GEOmii Privacy Compliance Engine.

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