GEOmii Retail is powering the high street revival

Live analysis of the high street, footfall, shopper dwell time and peel off rates lets urban authorities, developers, landlords and retailers improve the the consumer experience

GEOmii Retail provides retailers with a unique understanding of the footfall outside their retail outlet, dwell time of shoppers and the peel off rate into their store.

  • Short, medium and long term analysis of shopper traffic
  • Quantify success of shop front display marketing
  • Real time analysis of shop front display effectiveness
  • Quantification of true shopper count on the high street
  • Helps reveal how activity around your locations affects transaction volumes and profitability
  • Integrates with Parking monitoring system

CONTACT US to help you monitor, compare and analyse the footfall outside your store and determine the efficiency of your retail display marketing strategy.

Accurate, real time data presented through a highly intuitive online interface provides BIDs with evidence for city centre footfall, entry/exit points and pedestrian congestion to make planning high street improvement schemes more effective.

  • Provides evidence for high street improvements
  • Makes footfall density across different areas visible
  • Data analytics and prediction enhance town centre planning and resource allocation
  • Granular shopper movement information within whole town centre area
  • Heat maps of congestion points
  • Analytics on shopper journeys
  • When combined with GEOmii Parking solutions, the BID has an anonymised view of a shopper from the time they arrive in the city to when they leave - see Guildford case study

CONTACT US to see how we can help you accurately monitor and improve footfall in your town centre and enable better planning and investment

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