GEOmii takes the pain out of parking

City-wide predictive, on-screen analysis provides urban authorities with the most sophisticated, affordable means to get cities moving

The GEOmii Parking system helps city authorities ease daily congestion and plan for the future.

A real time parking space availability system curates data from multiple sources and predictive analytics to help citizens find the parking they need when they want it.

  • Integrates legacy systems, fixed sensors, crowdsourced and our own mobile sensor system
  • Greatly reduces cost of city wide implementation by combining fixed sensor for high frequency areas only, plus mobile sensors and crowdsource data augmented with predictive analytics
  • Includes machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to predict future space availability
  • Single platform spans on street, off street, commercial and residential parking
  • Builds evidence of usage, driving patterns and predicted behaviours
  • Allows open data sharing
  • Links to traffic management systems
  • Provides data analytics and prediction to help city planning and resource allocation
  • Integration with our retail footfall system allows enhanced management of High Street and Shopping Malls
  • Live and predicted data available via API for 3rd party applications

Live information on the parking environment gives authorities the tools to track usage patterns and influence behaviour by ‘nudging’ drivers toward less popular parking facilities thereby reducing traffic bottlenecks and potentially maximising revenue from parking assets.

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Case Study: Guildford

GEOmii has built the world’s first multi sensor (fixed and mobile) and multi-asset parking and retail monitoring system in Guildford. Live and predicted parking space availability covers the whole of this historic city, making finding parking a breeze, and we provide live information for businesses and local government on the parking and retail environments, 24 hours a day.

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Vehicle-based parking sensor project

  • GEOmii and Oxford Brookes University are researching and testing a mobile parking detection system.
  • Sensors mounted behind the bodywork detect the presence or absence of a car at a specific location.
  • Our test vehicle is a Mini and it is currently being trialled within our city scale demonstrator in Guildford.
  • When finally deployed across a city’s public utility vehicles, the sensors will help build a real time map of parking availability outside the sensor network.
  • Prediction maps will allow this data to be incorporated with sensed parking data and provide drivers with a better experience
  • For more information watch the short video below


GEOmii has worked with leading UK universities to develop predictive and behavioural technologies. Live data from car parking spaces and multiple sources of linked data is analysed to predict the best car parking locations at any time, on any day of the year. The GEOmii Platform secures, anonymizes and enhances this data by connecting to other open linked data stores to develop better prediction and behavioural information that is made available either online or via an app that can be branded to local authority, city or retailer.

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