Case Study: Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels

GEOmii has installed monitoring systems in two tunnels beneath the Thames river, which use computer vision techniques to provide live feedback on the speed of cyclists and density of pedestrian traffic.


The Woolwich and Greenwich Foot Tunnels are key routes under the Thames for pedestrians, but cycling in the tunnels was banned until now, although there was local support for controlled cycling.

Our Active Mobility system gathers the cycling & pedestrian data and then uses intelligent messaging to permit considerate cycling when fewer pedestrians are in the tunnel and asks cyclists to dismount during busy times.

This approach to a shared space challenge replaces ‘hard enforcement’ - by-laws and fines - which was proving ineffective: although cycling was banned, 30-50% of cyclists did not dismount. The system has been developed in conjunction with Reveal Systems, and is based upon their Fast-Track pedestrian and urban area monitoring solution, already installed in over 90 locations across Europe.

The project brings together the authorities of Newham, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Woolwich and Transport for London in a collaboration which is attracting interest from other local authorities around the UK.

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