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Re-Imagining the High Street with innovative technology and £2m support from the TSB

Re-Imagining the High Street with innovative technology and £2m support from the TSB

Ethos Smart has been chosen as one of the winning bids in the Technology Strategy Board’s (TSB’s) recent competition for initiatives that will attract Britain’s shoppers back to the UK’s High Streets. Our funding will allow us to explore the feasibility of an innovative technology solution that could help high street retailers compete against the rise of online shopping.  This funding will support a six months study before offering the opportunity to share a further £6m of cash for a demonstrator project.

Our Collaborative High Street project will allow shoppers to create online profiles outlining what they want to buy, and where, on a specific day. This will create a inventory of peoples’ purchasing needs along with location and time information that can be searched by high street retailers prior to the shoppers arrival and then used to send very targeted messages to increase sales.

For example, a customer at the point of arrival to the high street may receive 10 offers (the daily limit they have set). One promotion advises of a new barista bar serving a speciality coffee, a second advises of a particular shoe retailer that has a type and size of shoe in stock that the customer indicated interest in. All offers are triggered on the customer’s profile before their planned arrival to the high street.

The data privacy & governance approach will enshrine ownership of data with the consumer, whilst balancing the interests of all relevant stakeholders. Moreover value created by the scheme will be shared with shoppers much like the Co-Ops dividend payments from the last century.

This scheme will give the citizen the incentive to visit the high street & will generate increased footfall & economic activity. It will help make the high street more attractive to investors, the local authority (increased business rates revenue) & ultimately for the citizen (through improved facilities and opportunity). The virtuous circle that results will contribute directly to re-imagining the high street.

Ethos Smart and Seme4 Partner to promote Linked Data Platforms for Smart Cities

Ethos Smart and Seme4 Partner to promote Linked Data Platforms for Smart Cities

Ethos Smart, the leading provider of Smart City services, and Seme4, UK-based experts in semantic web and linked data applications have announced a strategic partnership to deliver digital platforms to solve challenges that help cities become smarter – saving money, increasing revenues and delivering improved services

 The capabilities of the organisations are complimentary, with Ethos Smart performing the systems integration & service provision and Seme4 providing applications that will allow the dynamic manipulation of data.

 Adrian Ulisse, Managing Director of Ethos Smart, a business line of Ethos Valuable Outcomes Ltd, stated:

“I am excited about Partnering with Seme4, which will support our strategy of creating, aggregating and publishing new datasets using globally scalable city digital platforms that are purposed to make real differences to citizens’ lives”.

 Tim Organ, CEO of Seme4 commented:

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Ethos Smart in developing solutions to meet the vision of Smart City initiatives in the UK.”

 About Seme4:

 Seme4 is a UK-based Linked Data solutions company providing expert knowledge, advice and solutions on the use of Linked Data and Web 3.0 technology. It provides services to a wide range of businesses and organisations. including blue chip companies, international corporations, the defence industry, the third sector and major news & broadcasting organisations.

To learn more about Seme4 visit

Socrata and Ethos Smart Partner to Promote Performance Management and Open Data Solutions for UK Public Sector

[fancy_header type=”1 or 2 or 3″ subtitle=”for type=2″]Ethos Smart Partner to Promote Performance Management and Open Data Solutions for UK Public Sector![/fancy_header]

Ethos Smart, the leading provider of Smart City services, and Socrata, a Seattle-based cloud software company, have announced a strategic partnership to support the UK’s open data strategy. Through the power of open data and the use of online performance dashboards, the partnership will deliver solutions that assist cities and other public bodies to solve social, environmental and economic challenges, while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

 Adrian Ulisse, Managing Director of Ethos Smart, says:

 “Our partnership with Socrata creates an opportunity for the UK public sector to leverage and integrate the best ideas and concepts from the United States into the UK open data initiative. The solutions we are offering will deliver efficiencies in the cost of service delivery whilst improving capability; helping the UK to pay down its budget deficit and creating new economic opportunity both at home and overseas.”

 Socrata CEO and Founder Kevin Merritt says:

 “Socrata helps public sector organisations worldwide move beyond simple transparency toward a culture of fact-based decision-making. Through our partnership with Ethos, we will be able to help UK councils and central government ministries maintain their international position as pioneers in more efficient, effective, responsive and open government.”

 The partnership offers comprehensive open data and performance management solutions combining Socrata cloud-based products with the implementation and support services of Ethos Smart. The partnership also directly supports a number of UK government initiatives, including the UK Government’s Open Data Strategy the Department for Innovation and Skills Industrial Strategy, and the recent Cabinet Office National Information Infrastructure initiative.

 One of the key outcomes will be increased access for innovators to UK government data, such as computer engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. An increase in data availability should encourage the creation of new products and services that can be used to solve challenges in cities and across Whitehall, helping to build new businesses and, possibly, future global brands.

Ethos Smart invited to join UK’s Smart City Forum

Adrian Ulisse of Ethos Smart invited to join UK’s Smart City Forum

Ethos Smart, the ‘smart cities’ division of Ethos Valuable Outcomes Ltd, has been invited to join the new Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ Smart City Forum, which is bringing together Government, cities, businesses and universities to ensure that the UK is leading the global race in developing ‘smarter’ cities.

The Smart Cities Forum meets for the first time today and will develop plans to support the creation of ‘smarter’ cities in the UK. Smart cities have many benefits, including creating the right environment for the more efficient transportation of goods, allowing local authorities to improve public health services significantly and also in providing the public with access to real time data, so they can plan their daily activities more effectively.

The forum is being co-chaired by Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts and Cities Minister, Greg Clark.

The Forum is a key part of the Information Economy Strategy. Published earlier this year, the strategy involves Government and Industry working together to support a digital sector that now employs around 1.5 million people in the UK.

Ethos Smart wins funding for its innovative parking solution project

Ethos Smart, the ‘smart cities’ division of Ethos Valuable Outcomes Ltd has been successful in winning a contract in the first phase of the Technology Strategy Board’s SBRI Future Cities solutions competition, for its ‘collaborative parking solution project.’

 Addressing the major environmental, well being, economic and reputational issues of parking for many cities today, which studies show currently add 15% of time, money and carbon to journeys, Ethos Smart’s proposed solution will provide a collaborative parking platform based on a common core dataset – in other words, it will be easier, quicker and more environmentally friendly to find available parking.

 Using open source architecture, it will give free access to high quality real-time information on parking availability and pricing for use by both citizens and business.  Additionally, this will encourage an ecosystem of innovative third-party applications, using the platform to provide services that aid motorists in their journey.

 The 4 UK city ‘Test-Beds’ who will participate in the competition are Bristol, Brighton & Hove, Milton Keynes and Newcastle.